Racing Rules


All Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts are asked to wear their Scout uniform. Every racer must be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times.

Cub Scouts are expected to build a new car each year. Cars used for the Scout’s local Den or Pack Derby held prior to the State Championship are permissible.

All cars in the Cub Scout and Girl Scout Divisions must conform to the inspection standards listed herein to be allowed to race.

The body of each car must be made of wood.

The overall width of each car body, including wheels shall not exceed 2-3/4 inches.

The overall length of each car body shall not exceed 7 inches.

The minimum width between wheels shall be 1-3/4 inches. Wheels may be extended, but cannot extend beyond the car body.

The height of each car will not exceed 3 inches.

The car must have a minimum ground clearance of 3/8 inches (so it does not rub on the track guide).

The weight of each car shall not exceed 142 grams. If a car is overweight, the racer must reduce the weight to comply with the rule.

Car detailing is permitted as long as the detailing does not exceed the weight, height, length or width of the car. Detailing must be in good taste, as determined by the West Virginia State Pinewood Derby committee

Every car must have a solid front end. Slopes, notches, channels and points on the front of the car are permitted so long as they do not protrude past the starting gate giving a racer an advantage at the starting line.

Only dry lubricants are permitted. Graphite is permissible, but may not be applied after the car has passed inspection.

No loose materials are permissible on any car.

Wheels must be Official BSA-approved wheels. Wheels may not be altered or modified in any way by drilling holes on or through any part of the wheel. Outside face of the wheel AND THE INSIDE OF THE WHEEL must not be shaved, lathed, rounded, drilled, or altered in any way. BSA must be visible on the outside of every wheel. Tapering is not permitted. Wheels may be smoothed by polishing in order to improve surface imperfections. Sidewalls cannot be shaved.

Cars may have either three (3) or four (4) wheels. Wheels must sit flat on the surface at the same time and must not be narrowed. Hubcaps are NOT permissible.

Axles must be Officials BSA-approved axles. Washers and bushings are prohibited. Axles may be polished and lubricated, but not altered by grooving or thinning in any way.

The car must not ride on or use any type of spring.

Each and every car must pass an inspection by the Judges at the appropriate track where the Cub Scout will race. Adjustments can be made in an area designated by the Judges. No tool kits, boxes, backpacks, camera cases, or purses are permitted inside the track area.

The decision of the Judges will be final. The Judges may disqualify any car that does not comply with the rules herein.

After inspection and registration, only the Cub Scout may handle his own car. No boxes or containers are permitted inside the track area. Parents are not permitted inside the track area.

A Scout is permitted to leave the track area at any time as long as he does so in the company of his parent(s) or Scout Leader.

The Cub Scout must be present to race his own car. No substitutions.

In the case of a tie, the racers will run again in the same lanes.

A racer may be disqualified for touching or tampering with another car.

If a car loses a part twice during the Championship Race, the racer will be disqualified. If a racer loses a part once, then the racer, with the help of the Track Judge and/or his Parent or Scout Leader, may work on his car.

A racer will be disqualified if his car touches another car twice during his Championship Race.

Rules for ALL “Anything Goes” Divisions: Parents, Siblings & Buddies, and “Anything Goes” Boy Scout/Cub Scout/Girl Scout Divisions

All “Anything Goes” Divisions must only comply with the BSA-approved height (3 inches), length (7 inches), and width requirements (2-3/4 inches).

The term “Anything Goes” is defined as: Any number of wheels, any type of wheels, any type of axle, any amount of weight and any body style.

The use of any starting device, CO2, battery operated motors, flammable liquids, and the use of Mercury is prohibited.

Official Race t-shirts for Parents and Sibling & Buddies Division racers will be available for sale at the “Anything Goes” Division Registration.

The West Virginia Pinewood Derby State Championship Committee reserves the right to alter or add any additional rule(s) prior to the start of any race if that rule addresses an issue important to providing a fair opportunity for all racers. The ruling of the committee is final.