Types of Races

Participation in the State Championship Divisions:
The West Virginia State Pinewood Derby Championship consists of 4 Cub Scout levels, 1 Girl Scout level, and 3 “Anything Goes” levels.

The Cub Scout Division Levels*:
Tiger – All registered Cub Scout Tigers will race against each other.
Wolf – All registered Cub Scout Wolves will race against each other.
Bear – All registered Cub Scout Bears will race against each other.
Webelos I & II – All registered Webelos I & II will race against each other.

Girl Scout Division Level*:
Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador – All Girl Scout levels will race against each other.

* The Cub Scout and Girl Scout Divisons must adhered to the official rules regarding the construction of a Pinewood Derby car.

"Anything Goes" Divison Levels88:
"Anything Goes" Boy Scout / Cub Scout / Girl Scout Divison
Parent (Moms & Dads) Division
Siblings & Buddies Division
** The "Anything Goes" Division cars must only comply with the length, width and height requirements.
Type of Race: Each Championship Race in all Divisions will be a timed race.