Race Changes 2014

Rule Changes or Additions:
The State Derby Planning Committee reserves the right to alter or add any additional rule(s) prior to the start of any race if that rule addresses, an issue important to providing a fair opportunity for all racers.

For Questions or Suggestions please Contact Us

Changes for 2012:
1. Combining Moms and Dads races to one Parent Race. Trophies awarded to top 3 moms and top 3 dads times.
2. Added an “Anything Goes” Boy Scout / Cub Scout / Girl Scout race.
3. Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts may enter a car in more than one division.

A $10 fee will apply per each registered car in a division.

Example: Cub Scout can register a car in the Cub Scout division plus register another car in the “Anything Goes” division.